Your Are What You Read – Choose Your Book, Choose Your Future

Reading shapes your life. Your mind works like a computer. You incessantly upload code to your operating system. Either it‘s malicious code and it corrupts your system… or it‘s gainful and enriches your system. Most often, we‘ve got control over which „code“ we‘re willing to upload into our system. We can decide who we‘re allowing … [Read more…]

How to Lose Self-Respect and How to Get it Back

How to gain self-respect

Self-respect affects every facet of our lives. If we lack self-respect and, it‘s likely, we won‘t respect others. When we lose it, we‘ll lose self-esteem. Without it, we feel vulnerable, out of place and uneasy. Conversely, if we own self-respect, we exude courage, self-confidence and we‘re a more likable person. We leave isolation and suddenly … [Read more…]

How to Sow Peak Performance with a Mental Rehearsal Journal

Peak Performance through Mental Rehearsal

Let me ask you a question. Are you like most people and replay in your mind your failures? Over and over again? The reason why I’m asking is because replaying negative actions in your head sets you up for repeat-failure. It’s like, let’s say, you wanted to stop smoking but deliberately began smoking even more. … [Read more…]