7 Resources That Make You a Smarter Reader

Want to read smarter?

Get more out of a book?

All we need to read smarter are the right techniques.

Reading without proper techniques is like eating pudding with chopsticks.

Here’s a collection of resources that I found truly priceless:


7 Reading resources that make you a smarter reader


# 01 -How to read a book  – a summary

If you‘re willing to put in the effort to extract every little drop of wisdom out of a book… then Shane Parish‘s summary on the unchallenged classic, „How to read a book“ will get you started.


# 02 – How to read books above your level

To lift weights above our „level“ we have to with weights that are „too heavy.“ The same principle applies to reading.

Ryan Holiday explains how to read difficult books and why you should do it.


# 03 – How to mark a book

To get the most out of a book, we should mark the book. Make it our own. Here‘s exactly how.


# 04 – How to read more

What‘s your excuse? You say you want to read more but… you‘re too busy?
Head over to Ryan Holiday‘s article and find discover the secrets of reading a lot more.


# 05 – How to read books for maximum retention

Matt Morris explains his personal strategy to remember more of what you’re reading


# 06 – How to read faster

Tim Ferris teaches speed reading


# 07 – How to take notes when reading

Ryan Holiday teaches how to take notes for reading.


Bonus – Reading Lists of some smart people

Ryan Holiday – Books to base your life on

Charlie Munger – Books that make you smarter

Charlie Munger – 20 books billionaire Charlie Munger thinks you should read

Tim Ferris – The top 10 fiction books for non-fiction addicts


Finally, consider  gettting the full experience from Mortimer J. Adler’s ultimate guide on how to read a book here. [Amazon]



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