7 Benefits of Visualization

benefits of using mental imagery and visualization
What are the benefits of visualization?

And, why it’s one of the most underrated skills you can hone?

Believe it or not…

Visualize 30-minutes a day and you can gracefully turn your life around.

Create a new you. Live with more confidence.

Right, many folks think visualization is esoteric hogwash.

Yet worldwide–in all areas of life–thousands of peak performers infuse their performances through mental rehearsal. Visualization has long been an indispensable tool of sports psychologists to unleash the full power of athletes. A key to stand head and shoulders above all the rest.

Not only athletes use it. Think about superstars like, for instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a young bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger swore by the force of visualization to realize his successes in life.

Michael Jordan rehearsed the all shots in his mind before he took them in reality.

What does visualization not do for you?

Visualization is not Santa Claus. You can’t make money rain from the skies. Or teleport your dream car into your garage.

Let’s keep our feet on terra firma.

It’s not a magic pill, but indeed, you can use it to get a clear advantage over those who don’t use it.

Now, let’s continue…

Benefits of visualization everyone ought to know

(1.) Relax deeply and find peace in your mind’s safe-place. Take a trip in a sun-swept sanctuary. Recharge your batteries and live a moment full of bliss and placid joy. Imagine whatever you’d feel most cheerful about and recharge mind and body.

It goes without saying, if you’re able to relax deeply and get a doses of condensed peace and happiness, your health can benefit. You’ll have more energy available throughout the day.

(2.) Train and gain laser-like focus. When you’re directing your mental movies — while you’re recharging in your mental sanctuary or rehearsing your goal fulfillment — you’re honing your concentration. In fact, you can’t manufacture clear mental images without focus. Frequent practice trains your ability to concentrate.

The more you practice the better you get… and… your improved focus will not only impact your performance in your mind’s theater. Like a razor sharp knife, with sharpened focus you’ll be able to perform better in life (work, study, reading, etc.)

(3.) Achieve your goals. Chances are you’ve read this quote:

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.William Arthur Ward

If you can see yourself having already achieved your goal, then your subconscious mind will seek to make your vision come true. Whether this is physically possible or not doesn’t matter. Your mind will try to merge mental vision with physical reality.

(4.) Grow confidence. Shatter social anxiety & shyness. Use your ‘holo deck’ to rehearse social interactions. See yourself being triumphantly confident and fearless. This is a common practice for professional speakers. You can rehearse delivering the perfect speech in your mind before doing so in reality. You can use visualization in the way for any social situation.

If you visualise a big business presentation in real detail, you will prepare for everything from your best posture and body language, and how you will handle any feelings of anxiety, to the awkward questions that might be asked and how you will respond to them. By the time you walk in there, you will feel much more confident. Dr Steve Bull, author of The Game Plan

(5.) Elevate your physical performance. Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, … all the peak performers in sports practice in their mind-dojo. Over and over again, they experience perfect performance. In their heads they win the competition before doing so in real life. This is proven stuff. If you’re neglecting this ‘secret weapon’ — to improve your performance — you do so at your peril.

I won the Olympics thousands of times through imprinting in the years prior to the Gold medal.Lanny Bassham

(6.) Relief & control pain via visualization. It’s been shown that visualization may help you reducing and dealing with pain: chronic pain, migraine, post surgery pain, dental pain, etc. Some people visualize locking their pain in a chest or box, dimming a red light or watching a hot sun set in the cool sea.

(7.) Incite passion and charge up with motivation. Stop procrastinating. What you focus on gets stronger. Vividly see yourself acting with passion and enthusiasm, doing the things you’ve putting off for too long. See yourself in the process of taking jubilant action. Eventually, you will find, your resistance melts away to do what’s necessary to advance toward your goals.

Your mind can’t distinguish between reality and imagined experiences. Hence, you can use this to your full advantage by imagining yourself achieving your goals with great passion and joy.

Surely, there are many more benefits to visualization. In fact, I believe, there’re probably endless ways to improve the quality of your life through practice in your mental dojo.

Now, turn off phone and computer and take a trip into your mental realm.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without it.

Reality is only for those with no imagination.Unknown

Keep winning!


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