Are You Taking Pride In Your Work?

Mr. Hanafusa. A master carpenter from Japan. He believes in “Working either with nature, or working against nature. Your choice to make.” He’s crafting breathtakingly beautiful pieces of furniture… without any nails or bolts. Zen-like pieces of pure simplicity and perfection. And one of his secrets to such perfection is: Mr. Hanafusa spends over 50% … [Read more…]

Falling Your Way To The Top

My bones are still shaking… I just crashed down 5 meters – my heart following the downward-dash… a delayed second later. Happens when you’re trying to advance in climbing. It’s just part of the action and follows the principle of “No (controlled) Risk No Fun”! Same goes for life. Outrageous falls to ground zero are … [Read more…]

Sending Out Heart Attack Applications To The Grim Reaper

8AM: Wraaam! Wraaam! Bang bang bang! The neighbors are up-and-working. My bed is rotating, pillows vibrating. Without anesthesia: mission “Get 7-8 Hours-Of-Refreshing-Sleep” Impossible! I get up with clenched fists (and brain)… about to… Punch The Wall! Then I hold in and tell myself: “Dude, now you got 2 choices: Numero uno: Switch on ‘angry-mode’, yell … [Read more…]