How to Sow Peak Performance with a Mental Rehearsal Journal

Peak Performance through Mental Rehearsal

Let me ask you a question. Are you like most people and replay in your mind your failures? Over and over again? The reason why I’m asking is because replaying negative actions in your head sets you up for repeat-failure. It’s like, let’s say, you wanted to stop smoking but deliberately began smoking even more. … [Read more…]

Follow these 18 Habits and Improve Your Life

Change your habits, your change your life. Your habits define your life. Once established, habits run on autopilot. No need to exert any willpower and, if you’ve chosen prolific habits, you succeed almost automatically. To get your new habits locked-in, you want to spend your willpower wisely. Willpower is limited resource and evaporates quickly. It … [Read more…]

How remember anything with Anki – the Brain Fodder Box

Use anki as a commonplace

Have you ever wondered… … “How can I remember what I read in books?” … “How can I add new words to my vocabulary?” … “How can I remember quotes?” … “How can I remember people’s names?” … “How can I remember [fill in the blank]?” If you’re like me… you’ve had that problem. Gosh, … [Read more…]

Is Visualization the Key to Your Success? Watch these 10 Videos

What makes super achievers so successful? Why on earth are some of us monstrously successful… while others barely make ends meet? What makes the difference? I’ve done some research on the web, and it turns out, all these success giants have one thing in common. The one thing that separates the super achievers from the … [Read more…]