Follow these 18 Habits and Improve Your Life

Habits that canchange your life in the next 30 days
Change your habits, your change your life.

Your habits define your life.

Once established, habits run on autopilot. No need to exert any willpower and, if you’ve chosen prolific habits, you succeed almost automatically.

To get your new habits locked-in, you want to spend your willpower wisely. Willpower is limited resource and evaporates quickly. It follows that, to start new habits, you should spend the first hours of your day engaged in your success-actionsBefore your willpower peters out!

What are life-changing habits you can start doing today and will improve your life in the next 30 days?

There you have it:

1. Keep a journal. Start off with “Brain dumping”-sessions. Don’t bother with grammar and spelling. Write as fast as you can. You’ll discover a great deal of stunning insights about yourself. Furthermore, keeping a diary will hone your memory and guide you in making small and vital decisions in your life.

2. Work in time-chunks to skyrocket your output. Before you sit down to get things done, block-out any distractions. Focus on the ONE Thing you want to get done… until you’ve either finished your task or the alert goes off. Marketing legend Dan Kennedy’s  suggests working in 50/20/50 time blocks (work/pause/work).

3. Block internet ads! Reduce the brain-hobbling media onslaught. The Internet is an-battlefield crying for your attention. Why not reduce the noise? It’s superbly easy to do: Grab a simple browser plugin and keep advertising and popups at bay. Install it once and save time, sanity, and focus. [Adblock Plus for Firefox, Chrome]

4. Move. Every single hour. Make it a habit to do either 25 squats or a 10 push ups every hour. Not only will this lift your fitness through the roof, but it also melts fatigue and sluggishness like butter in the microwave. If you’re at work, you can easily escape to the bathroom.

5. Consume less wheat & diary. Studies have shown that the number-one cause for inflammatory bowel disease are gluten and diary products. Even if you’re not (yet) affected, consuming less of these will greatly benefit your health and energy.

6. Don’t do crash courses. (No shortcuts) Shortcuts cut your learning curve. If you cut off time and energy, you miss out on the full experience. Use the tortoise approach. Learn in small digestible bits & bites until you’ve reached mastery. TIP: Use the Anki “Brain Fodder Box.”

7. Read. A lot. Reading elevates your creativity, improves your vocabulary, and stimulates your cognitive abilities. Moreover, reading incites critical thinking. Each book you read can be a treasure trove of ideas that may bolster your life.

8. Start blogging. Blogging can be a massive comfort-zone stretch for you. You’ve got get clear about what to write, how to write, who to address, do your research, and risk embarrassment. But, it’s extraordinarily rewarding! Writing gets easier in increments. You get clearer about what you want to express. And, what’s best of all? Encouraging feedback and comments of people you’ve actually helped somehow.

9. Use your mental Holo-Deck. Rehearse your perfect day in your mind. Use your imagination and see yourself, like in a movie,  in critical scenarios. In your movie, you make the right decisions, act as perfectly as you can imagine, get the ideal results.   Furthermore, model your ideal state of mind. See yourself going through the day free of stress, calm, cheerful. Practice meetings, conversations, actions in your head before they actually happen.

10. Live in the NOW. Be more. Just for a moment, let your mind rest in the very moment. Let the sheer joy of simply being alive wash over you. You are alive right now. Staying present. You’ll unleash more energy, more happiness, and block out stress, anger, hatred and self-sabotaging behaviors. (Book tip: Eckhart Tolle – The Power Of Now)

11. Double your writing speed. Learn ‘touch typing’. Want to match your writing speed with your thinking speed? Great, touch typing will enable you to do so. And, it goes without saying, you’ll save a ton of time being able to type in hyper-speed. (Double Your Typing Speed in 1 Month)

12. Listen to people. Remember what they say. For some folks forgetting someone’s name is a dreadful crime. Remember who they are and what they’re interested in. What are their problems? What are their passions?  Ask a question, shut up and listen. If you get a clear answer, go deeper. If not, get him or her to clarify. “If you want to be the most interesting person on earth, you have to be the most interested person on earth.”

13. Welcome difficult people and tormenting problems. They are opportunities in disguise. You decide. Either you freak out and give up control… or… you stay calm, find a solution and welcome the inevitable pain-of-growth. Decide today, “No matter what happens, I will always react as calmly and as intelligently as possible.”

14. Learn how to write and communicate well. The more you write, the better you get at it. And, the more you write the more you know what to write about. Plus, with the growth of your verbal toolbox your thinking capabilities will be amplified. You grow verbal leverage for conversations, emails, articles, etc.

15. Smile & laugh more. Smile at least three times a day. — What’s your life worth without laughter and humor? Probably next to nothing. Without laughter your heart shrivels. Fight happiness-vampires with glowing cheerfulness and laughter. Unwrinkel your brow, smile and take grumpy individuals as your personal challenge to maintain rooted in incessant serenity. “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” —  Michael Pritchard

16. Avoid junk-food like the plague. Don’t fuel your machine with poison. You know this already, but let me repeat this: Junk food is pure self-sabotage. Cherish your health with clean food and moderation. (Cheat-days are fine. After all, we’re no robots.)

17. Reactivate forgotten friendships. Isn’t it too easy to neglect people that once were important to us? People have drifted into distance because of work, marriage, or any other reason. Why don’t you grab your phone to send out a few messages like:  “Hi, I’ve just been thinking about you. How are you doing recently?” I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

18. No e-mail notifications. Even if you’ve heard this before, it’s worth mentioning again: Turn off all email notifications (sounds & popups)! These little buggers will dilute your thinking power and your productivity output. Your time is a valuable asset. By eliminating distractions you’ll give your brain the chance to take the thinking highway.


I could continue like this. But what use would it be if you start one of these habits right NOW?


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