New Course Can Increase Your Joy In Life? Eckhart Tolle course review

Finding Your Life's Purpose Eckhart Tolle Review

We’re trying so hard increase our joy in life.

Trying to find THE way to be more happy in life.

Most of the time we’re not getting anywhere.

We’re sitting on pillows, counting our breath or hum weird mantras.

We’re chasing personal success… wanting more and more money. We yearn for more control… more power.

But Somehow…That magic “Sweet Spot” keeps eluding us.

And we’re afraid because life is getting shorter and shorter. Day. By. Day.

Like an urgent vacuum saying, “Something vital is missing!

How can this be?

Why aren’t we getting any happier?
Even though we’re trying to be the best we can be?

I now believe, the answer is very simple.

We murder our happiness by neglecting the beauty of the moment. We chase goals thirsting for ‘future happiness’. Or, we dwell in the past. Either way, we’re neglecting the presence.

What’s the problem with not being aware of the presence?


How often do we tell ourselves, “Tomorrow (or some future day) it’ll be all good.” We keep fooling ourselves, “When I finally made a million bucks,” or “When I finally got that job,” or “When I finally launched that business… THEN… I will be happy. BUT NOT NOW.”

Vicious cycle, isn’t it?!

What the heck! We whittle away the time we NOW have on earth by waiting. We keep delaying happiness to tomorrow. Do you see what’s wrong with that?

Let’s not deceive ourselves. We all know that if we can’t live to the fullest right now, we won’t live in happiness tomorrow. Think about it.

OK, so what about Eckhart Tolle’s now?

In “Finding You Life’s Purpose” Eckhart leads us to the beauty of ‘simply being alive’ — to increase our joy in life.

It’s staggering — Tolle teaches how we can access this deep, deep dormant wisdom. A hard-wired power to shake off self-sabotaging actions and limiting thoughts–simply by living more in the NOW.

NOT through pillow-sitting-meditations singing mantras
NOT through locking yourself in a room for an hour
NOT through investing extra time to make this work
NOT through praying or following any religious ideas
…BUT through simple exercises you can weave into your daily life (whether you’re at work or at home).

Tolle has helped me to understand myself better. I understand now that we don’t need to chase happiness. Happiness already lives within all of us. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. NOW.

This gives me a grant feeling of confidence and inner peace. A cheerful peace that, honestly, no money in the world can buy.

If you ask me, you could spend the cash (prize for this course) on a few cups of coffee. Or tea. Or beer. And, maybe you’re not ready for this kind of ‘wake-up-call’ yet.

But sooner or later, I am sure of this, everyone wants to silence this insatiable feeling of “something-is-missing”… and… replace it with the comforting knowledge that peace is not outside of us…not an external reward… but…inside of us.

We have to ask, “How much is a joyful life worth?”

One thing I am sure of. If we keep waiting to be happy, then, one day, it will be too late.

We can begin with bringing our attention to the moment. The *NOW*

Let’s recognize the beautiful life we have this very moment.

Increase your joy in life through living in the moment

This is all we have.

If we’re willing to wake up, we can be happy right now.

We can employ Tolle’s joyful techniques every single day –throughout the day– to be a happier, grateful, a more cheerful person.

I’ve watched the course a couple of times and even bought it for others as a gift.

NOW, I dare everyone to watch Eckhart’s video intro and judge for yourself.

Here you go: Finding Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle


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