John Claude Van Damme’s Roundhouse Kick


I’ve just watched Jean Claude’s new movie Pound of Flesh.

What a shoddy movie, but come on!–He still does it!

His famous full-split roundhouse kick!

…and all the other kick-butt moves to beat up conveyor-belts full of bad guys!

And you know, he’s 54 years!

Well, he’s getting older, but hey, he keeps honing his chops.

That’s how it works… Gaining and maintaining an edge. A super power that makes you stick out of the crowd.

No matter what job you’re in or how old you are, you can (and should) make yourself indispensable… because…

There’ll Always Be Need For Someone
Who Can Deliver Powerful Insider Value

How? Master something.

Develop that one single super power that makes you a VIP in your field. Pick One Thing and use the incremental approach to get better and better. Day by day.

Gain and maintain the ability to generate explosively focused value in some form.


Marko M.

P.S.What’s your super power, or, what’s on your ‘super-power-to-gain-list’?

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