Marketing Resource

Why care about marketing?

We’re selling something every day.

Our services.
Our products.
Our ideas.
Our ideals.
Our vision.
Our experience
Our story.

And, it goes without saying: The more efficiently we’re able to convey a message, the better.

We spend less time and energy while getting better results.

But, hey, let’s skip the small talk for now.

Here, I gathered a few resources here that proved to be significantly valuable and useful for me.

Marketing Resource:

Websites About Marketing

Jay Abraham’s Free Massive eBook & Video Resource

MarketingSherpa – Marketing Research, Email Marketing, Split Testing & More

I Love Marketing Marketing Forum

BlackHatWorld – Internet Marketing Forum

Marketing Videos & Channels

Dan Kennedy’s YouTube Channel

Joe Polish’s Genius Network & Piranha Marketing Channel

Marketing Legend Jay Abraham’s Channel

I Love Marketing YouTube Channel

How To Setup Your Small Business Website For a Great Impact:

Anything missing? Let me know in the comments below…

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