Me-Mode Versus You-Mode

Once you shift your focus from me to you, your whole life changes – Jay Abraham Some people focus on “getting stuff.” Then, once they got it, they worry they’ll lose it again. Often, they shell out their energy building mental and physical fortifications. These ‘takers’ often look for the magic pill and a secret … [Read more…]

Sending Out Heart Attack Applications To The Grim Reaper

8AM: Wraaam! Wraaam! Bang bang bang! The neighbors are up-and-working. My bed is rotating, pillows vibrating. Without anesthesia: mission “Get 7-8 Hours-Of-Refreshing-Sleep” Impossible! I get up with clenched fists (and brain)… about to… Punch The Wall! Then I hold in and tell myself: “Dude, now you got 2 choices: Numero uno: Switch on ‘angry-mode’, yell … [Read more…]