How to Sow Peak Performance with a Mental Rehearsal Journal

Peak Performance through Mental Rehearsal

Let me ask you a question.

Are you like most people and replay in your mind your failures? Over and over again?

The reason why I’m asking is because replaying negative actions in your head sets you up for repeat-failure.

It’s like, let’s say, you wanted to stop smoking but deliberately began smoking even more. It’d make it only worse. You impress the action you actually wanted to avoid even deeper on your mind.

Each time you recall an experience the self-image imprints it again as a new event. Imprint anything you want to happen and you have improved your chances of actually having it happen because it becomes like you do it.Lanny Bassham

Mentally rehearse failure and failure will repeat

Load your mind with images of the actions you regret, and you’ll increase the chance to repeat those actions in future.

Conversely, you can also highlight the good stuff.

Mentally rehearse success and success will repeat

Feed your thoughts with images of actions that made you feel great, and you’ll improve the probability to repeat these successes.

Whatever you‘re consciously picturing, your subconscious is moving you to do it.

Your self-image determines your performance.

We all know that we acquire habits through performing a specific action repeatedly. The clincher is… Because the subconscious mind can‘t differentiate between actual physical actions and vividly imagined actions, we can create habits through mental rehearsal.

That means, if we decide so, we can consciously program our self-image with our peak-performances. We relive and thus highlight our winning-moments telling our self-image, „Now, that‘s exactly what I want to experience again!“ Whereby, it won‘t make a difference whether we rehearse manufactured memories or real ones.

So, how can you apply this principle to our advantage?

Prime yourself for peak performance with a mental rehearsal journal

Write detailed journal entries describing your winning performances converging with the emotions and actions that came along with it. In writing, we can capture and revive and highlight actions we want to strengthen. This works like shadowboxing. We create neural pathways and form optimal performance habits.

How to keep a mental rehearsal journal to repeat peak performance

Keeping the mental rehearsal journal is pretty simple and, in fact, it’s fun. Because you only talk about the “good shots” you’ll enjoy the process of evoking the highlights of your past.

There are only two rules to follow:

(1) Write down anything you did well today

What made you feel proud today? What did you accomplish well? Which actions would you like to repeat in future?

Write down your answers in detail. How did you feel? What did you smell and hear? In writing, imagine the whole sequence of actions and feelings of success. Reinforce everything good about it. Fill your mind only with your best performances and you’re likely to repeat them.

Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts.Marcus Aurelius Antonius

(2) What did you learn today?

What did you learn about it? Did you gain any insights?

Write down exactly what you learned and what you accomplished during this period.

(3) Avoid writing about things that you don‘t want to re-experience

Be wary of writing about your failure. You don’t want to strengthen the bad stuff.

Now a man should take away not only unnecessary acts, but also, unnecessary thoughts, for thus superfluous acts will not follow after.Marcus Aurelius Antonius

What did YOU do that made you feel great today?

Imprint your self-image with your peak performances through mental rehearsal. What

I won the Olympics thousands of times in my mind before entering the competition in Montreal in 1976.
(Olympic Gold in shooting)Lanny Bassham



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