A Simple Method to Generate Passion for Goal Achievement

How to generate passion for your goals

I have to ask you a question:

Have you ever sat down and wondered how others are able to generate passion and lasting willpower to achieve their goals?

Apparently, these people have the drive to put in the action to fulfill their dreams.

Others are left behind. Puzzled. Frustrated. Confused.

If you’re wondering if there’s a way to fabricate passion … I found out, you can apply a method to generate lasting motivation to take action. Nothing new, but it’s kind of a ‘semi-secret’. Some people apply it unconsciously, others take avail of it on purpose.

I’m talking about acquiring success-habits… and… rehearsing actions that lead to your success through visualization.

So, if you try to make a difference in your life, but you struggle with your internal resistance and lack of willpower, then I’d like you to try the following passion generating strategy for yourself:

Passion starts in your head

This may sound silly at first: You create passion about something by being passionate about it.

What I mean is that you first rehearse your passion with your mind’s eye.

For example: Let’s say you suck at writing. You’re embarrassed about publishing your content on your blog. But still, you dream about being a professional blogger. You want to make a living online. Your biggest obstacle now is to write articles.

How can you dissolve that internal resistance?

First, go into your mental theater and see yourself taking joyful action. In our example we’re writing an article. Notice the relaxed smile on your face. See yourself being in love with the process of taking action. Take some time to discover more details about this scene.

Second, rehearse your success. Now that you’ve explored your success action in progress, see yourself completing your task. Here, for instance, you finished writing your blog post and you click on the publish-button of your website. Let feelings of pride and achievement overcome you. You literally see yourself jumping for joy.

Third, discover your action stepping stones. Specifically, break your action down into smaller steps. Here, you could observe how you research your content. You’d probably open up a new document, write a headline, the opening, the subheads, etc. Your goal is to go through each step and, again, experience in satisfaction how you complete each step. Once you’re done visualizing yourself finishing your success action, reinforce the feeling of great joy and pride.

Performing actions in your mind, will affect your physical reality. In fact, countless studies have proven, your mind can’t distinguish between imagined action and ‘real’ action.

In a nutshell, you can manufacture habits (action related and emotional) by rehearsing them in your mind first.

Define your success action and start rehearsing your success

What’s your personal success-action?

Which action have you been putting off? You probably know exactly what to do to reach your goal. Something you’ve been putting off for far too long. Define this one action. Transmute this action into something you genuinely love to do. Explore all its facets, angles, stepping stones.

Highlight the joy and confidence that you experience acting upon your goals.

Which action have you been putting off to achieve your goals?

Please leave me a comment below …

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