Sleeping Restless Like An Earthquake – Outsource to Get Better Sleep

Spinning in bed like a whirling dervish…

… trying to fall asleep.

Rolling out of bed with in the morning with the agility of a cracked tombstone.

Because tasks lie ahead of you that don’t mean anything to you. Purely annoying tasks. You hate to do them.

That’s when I have to remind myself:

“Dude, if you’re not passionate about it or if you’re not at least excellent in doing this task, then find someone else to do if for you!”

Meaning: Focus on your area of brilliance! On your area of passion!

For everything else: Outsource – at least parts of it.

I have to keep telling this myself: “Do not to do everything yourself, duffer!”

Just go to Fiverr,, eLance, ODesk, Craiglist, and so on…

There are tons of people who love to do what you hate to do.

Free up your time to do something more valuable in an area like marketing, or strategizing, or wherever your brilliance lies.
Your time is precious. It’s value is higher than gold, higher than platinum. It’s the difference in everything!
Jay Abraham

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