Are You Stuck With A $20 Per Hour Skill?

If you learn the skills of people who make $20
I guess you can make $20 an hour.

If you learn the skills that can make you millions, …

— Jay Abraham

I started building websites, email templates, etc. some years ago.

If you ask me today if I would start again all over today… I’d rather NOT learn how to program anymore. Why? Because nowadays you can outsource (almost) everything.

Why not learn the basics of WordPress, CSS, and HTML, then have someone else who who keeps care of the details? All you really need is to get a basic understanding of the matter. Once you got the elementary know-how, you’ll be able outsource your work to people (locally and remotely) who’re able to deliver high quality work in your area of expertise.

Investing hundreds of hours learning all the complexities of, for example, web-development or creating mobile apps yourself is, in my humble opinion, all good if you enjoy doing it… otherwise, if you don’t want to be stuck with a “job” — you’d better invest your time and energy in learning marketing and copywriting.

If you’re already stuck in a job that takes most of your time and energy, I’d suggest to squeeze in at least a few minutes per day to digest some solid books about marketing and copywriting to skyrocket your success by merging your skills. The basic principles of marketing and sales are universally applicable and will never be outdated


Marko Martelli

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