The Cafe-Nomad Society – Self-Taught Freelancers and Entrepreneurs


…self-taught freelancers and entrepreneurs.

You see them turning regular coffee shops into their personal office (aka coffice).  These people combine the pleasantries of their favorite coffee shop with generating income over the Internet.

These freedom-loving people have discovered a way on… how to avoid slaving away for the man. They figured out that you do not need to sit in an sterile office staring at a screen for 8 hours straight. Rather, they usually get to decide when to work and where to work… as long as they got an Internet connection available.

What other benefits do they enjoy?

  • They “work” whenever they like to work.
  • They do NOT commute to work through hell of a traffic for hours each week (and have to pay for the gas)
  • They have the FREEDOM to just walk to the nearest coffee shop and make it their (c)office. Or, maybe they just stay at home.
  • They do NOT  need to sit in an stiff office chair for 8 hours a day
  • Chill on a comfy sofa with their computer on their lap
  • NOT to go to meetings and kiss boss’s boots
  • Often they can choose to be their own boss or only work with people they like to work with
  • ….

Yes, as you can see, they rather avoid going through all the “pleasantries” that come with a job working for the “man.”

And you know what? These people are part of a growing society.

They’ve discovered a way to make a living the way THEY want.

A way that does not require a pretty diploma on the wall.

Or an investment of a few thousand dollars in an MBA — out of their future pocket.

No. They’ve realized that all you have to do is to educate yourself.

With all the FREE knowledge that’s on the world wide web.

I have this friend and, for example, he worked as a shoe salesman for e few years… and now… he rakes in big money developing apps doing what he wants, traveling the world.

Did he study in an University or so? Nope…

All self-taught. He sucked all the required knowledge right from the Internet.

Then, there’s this other guy.

He designs brochures, flyers, websites, logos… all while sitting in comfy cafes for a few hours a day.

Did he study design? No, also everything self-taught.

Another guy I know sells coffee products over his websites. 90% of his business is “remote controlled.”

And so on.

Some of these people are freelancers.

Some are self-made entrepreneurs.

A few of them have an arsenal of online cash machines up and running.

But have all one thing in common:

They don’t have a boss.

They educated themselves on how to do what they’re doing now.

They didn’t follow the masses, doing what everyone else is doing.

What’s a good resource for you to learn anything you want? Google got everything you want.

If you want a shortcut to learn anything specific then you will find a arsenal of professional courses here on

Marko Martelli

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