Training Your Mind’s Eye — Bed-Time Routine

How to visualize more clearly exercise
You want to gain more clarity on your mind’s screen?

Get more control over the images in your mind?

If you want to sharpen your mind’s eye — your ability to craft and control the images in your “Mental Holo Deck”– this article may be of major interest to you.

Okay, I assume, you can already visualize. Yet, you lack clarity and control.

What’s more, maybe you can’t motivate yourself to sit down and practice your mind’s eye. Perhaps you find it’s too frustrating working with fickle images… or… you don’t have the time and inner peace you need.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.

The easiest way to hone your mental imagery skill is by training at night in bed. The time of the day when you’re ready to let go. You can relax deeply. Your physical world won’t interfere with your training session in your “mental dojo”.

And that’s exactly what you need. The more you’re able to let go, the easier it’ll be.

Here, the following routine helped me a great deal to create brilliant mind images and, every night before bed, I’m looking forward to my next session because it’s so incredibly rewarding. The feeling of having full control. Taking a sunbathe on your dream beach. Walking over  a lush summer meadow. Or whatever you want.

Without further ado, let’s get into the practical part here…

How to train your mind’s eye at night

01 – RELAX – When you go to bed, first, relax deeply using your favorite method. Personally, I enjoy counting down slowly from 50 to zero. With each breath I release tension from my body and welcome deep physical relaxation.

02 – ENTRY – You’ve arrived at comfortable level of relaxation. Recall a place you have pleasant memories about. This could be your bedroom, a place at the beach, a garden,  or the house you grew up in.

For me, it’s the place I grew up. I see the front of my house. And, I start by observing the general shapes of the it. At first, my vision may be blurry and rather unstable.

If you’re like me and you experience cloaked vision, here’s how to pierce the veil:

03 – ZOOM – Pick one single object. One single point of focus (from your chosen environment) and literally zoom in. I want you to think about the object’s surface its tiniest intricacies. The little details you would discover with a magnifying glass.

If you see a table, you want to think about its wood-grain. If you observe glass, you’ll see reflections, dust, and fingerprints. If you’re standing on a meadow, magnify the grass and recognize the lines that run along its surface.

I, for example,  zoom in to explore the texture of the white wall surrounding my house. I explore the white paint on it and how a paintbrush has left his patterns.

04 – SENSES – Add more sensory input using your other senses. I’d run my hands over the surface of the white stone and  can hear the distinguished noise it makes. Maybe in your vision, you can smell the fragrance of flowers or the salty sea.

Enjoy the process and keep exploring.  This process automatically switches you into high-clarity mode. (This was a major breakthrough to me!).

You may be saying you don’t remember how something looks like in detail. Try to fill in the gaps with your own imagination. With enough persistence and patience your mind will assist you in doing so.

Make it a game. Enjoy your adventures. Build your mental movie-muscle.

With some practice… your clarity will explode… and… I think, I don’t have to tell you how enjoyable and exciting this is.

The first time in your ‘high-res’ world you might feel like a door to a new world of possibilities just opened up.



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  1. yucel karacalar

    Thanks it is a great post. I think if you can consantrate more you will enter directly to lucid dream. It is known as wild technique.

    • Marko Martelli

      Hi Yucel,
      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes, this is actually a great opportunity to transition into a lucid dream. Your body is still completely relaxed. You have an easier time to visualize, and, in the morning (after a some hours of deep sleep), your REM phase will be shallow which increases your chance of entering a dream while staying conscious.

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