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by Marko Martelli

The information you’ll find on www.Unchainmybrain.com is to inform you generally. The content here is not to give you any advice on legal, financial, or even medical matters.

What you need to know about affiliate links on this website

On this site, I’m using affiliate links. This simply means that some of the links I provide here are affiliate links and, when you click those links, you may be lead to websites such as Amazon.com. Then, should you purchase something on these affiliates sites, I might earn a commission as a reward for referring you.

It’s essential to notice that buying anything through my links won’t be affected. That means, whether you go directly to the vendor’s site (like Amazon) or you go through one of my links, it won’t make any difference in the price.
Nonetheless, I’d be happy if you make a purchase through one of my links because then you help me to support my website (paying for hosting for instance).

What about Amazon?

My website participates in the Amazon Service LLC Program. It’s an affiliate program for advertisements created so that sites can earn a commission through advertising and promoting Amazon products through links.

Privacy Policy

As an avid Internet nerd, I completely respect your privacy! In other words, I’m committed to protecting your personal privacy when you are visiting Unchainmybrain.com.

That’s the reason why I included the following information. It explains how this site collects information.

I’m using “Google Analytics.” Here’s what you ought to know:

I’m taking advantage of Google’s data analysis tool called “Google Analytics.” It’s a free Google service that allows me to gather traffic data from my visitors.

What data Google Analytics collects from you

# Which webpage you’re coming from to arrive here at Unchainmybrain.
# How long you stay here on this page.
# Google checks what kind of device you’re using to visit this site (Apple, Mac, tablet, desktop, and so on.)
# Which browser you’re using to do so.
# And lots of other different data.

How I use the information from you and your visit here

The visitors’ data essentially helps me to understand better their interests and by showing what content their reading. Therefore, by following my visitors’ interest better, I can write more refined content that concurs with the readers’ interests.

Yes, all of my activities here align with the Terms of Service from Google Analytics.

About “Log Files”

Like most Internet pages, this site employs log files.
These include:

# Internet-Protocol addresses (IP addresses)
# The kind of browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
# The Internet Service Provider (ISP)
# Sites referring to Unchainmybrain
# Sites on which you exit
# Your computer IOS (Windows or Mac)
# The date (time stamp)
# The number of clicks (for trend analyzation)
All with the purpose to administer this website, log visitor behaviors, and to garner demographic info for aggregate usage.
NOTE: The IP addresses, or any other data, are by no means connected to information that can identify anyone personally.

What about cookies & beacons?

Web-cookies or HTTP-cookies (or plainly “cookies”) are bits of text sent by the web-server to the Internet browser. These are then sent back unchanged by the web-browser each time it accesses that web-server.
Simply put, a cookie is a set of data stored on a user’s device (computer, phone, tablet, …) which is linked to info on the visitor.

A web-beacons is an object that’s integrated into a website (or email), and it’s invisible to the user. Web-beacons enable checking if a user viewed a particular page or a specific email. (tag, page tag, web bug, or tracking bug are synonyms of “web-beacon”).

This Internet site makes use of cookies. Furthermore, some of my partners, such as advertisers, may implement beacons and cookies, too.
Unchainmybrain can not control or access any advertisers’ cookies or beacons.

You want to disable cookies? You can block or disable cookies in your browser settings. For specific instructions, please refer to your browser’s manual.


This webpage includes web-links to other, external sites. Let me state that I’m not responsible in any way for the privacy regulations of these external webpages. When you exit this website, please read the privacy policy and privacy statement of each and every site you visit. Here, this particular privacy policy you read right now refers only to this specific website.


I may implement outside advertising networks or companies to display advertisement on this website. These ads may use cookies as well as beacons to collect data in the “ad-serving process.” These cookies and beacons are gathered via the companies and/or ad-networks themselves. I don’t have access to that information.

I work with some advertising networks, and companies like, for instance, “ClickBank.” If you’ve got a question in that regard, please check out their webpages for their respective privacy policies.

Webmaster Contact Information

Do you have any suggestions or questions related to the Unchainmybrain.com privacy policy? Feel free to contact me via my contact page here.

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