by Marko Martelli

Below, you’ll find an assortment of tools I found very helpful to support my daily tasks and routines. I list them here in the hope they’ll provide the same value to you, too.

FocusWriter – Clutter-Free Writing Tool

THE writing tool when it comes to distraction-free & focused writing!

You can write on full-screen without showing any toolbars, buttons, etc.

Then, you can set daily word goals, set a writing timer, choose and create your personal themes, and so on.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent. I love to use this little gem for journaling, note taking, brainstorming, or anything else that needs to be written down.
Focus Writer - Free writing tool


Anki – Flashcards & Memorization Tool

Want to remember facts, vocabulary, learn languages, or remember anything at all? This free flashcard tool is The Holy Grail of burning information into your memory.

Install it on your phone (android or iPhone) and on your computer and keep it synchronized.

How to Remember Names with Anki

Hourglass – Productivity Timer

If you want to boost your productivity, then work in focused time chunks. No need to install it. Just open it up, set your timer and off you go. I prefer working in 30 minute chunks, take a quick break and repeat the process. This will almost double your output.

Timer & productivity tool Hourglass

Calibre – Free eBook Manager

What’s the best tool to keep your eBooks organized? Which tool allows to you convert your eBooks from all common formats (pdf, azw, epub, mobi) to all common formats? Calibre. It’s brilliant. It’s free.
Probably the best way to organze your eBook clutter.

Organize and convert your eBooks – Protect your Internet Privacy

With the erroding borders of privacy on the Internet, you might value surfing the web anonymously.

If you connnect to the Internet via your home Internet provider, any website you access can track your exact location — if you want it or not.

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can shroud your identity and hide your location from greedy data collectors and shady individuals. Pick from a long list of proxies to access the web from a fake location.

To protect your privacy with this service you need to invest about $80 a year (75€).

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